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Strategy and learning design

Executive and team coaching

HOGAN assessments


Partnering with people and organizations to inspire, ideate, and implement effective, positive, and sustainable bespoke change programs in continuously transforming environments. Strategy consulting and learning program design and development.

Partnering as a professional team and individual executive coach, a LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® certified trainer and facilitator of change. Supporting corporate academies, train-the-trainer programs and higher education faculty development. 

Administering the HOGAN personality assessments (HPI, HDS, MVPI, and 360), using data in connection with job context, delivering feedback to assessment takers, applying assessment results in talent decisions, individual executive coaching and team facilitation. 

Chartered as Innovation Manager at the Ministry of Enterprises and Made in Italy, consulting for services in the digital integration and development of business processes, in developing digital marketing programs and commercial development towards international markets, in applying new organizational methods in business management strategies, and in the organization of the workplace.

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