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Performing leaders and safe teams

The inception of our award-winning design philosophy was presented at the 2017 Google Learning Design Summit as a legacy gift before leaving for good. A booklet was then published to hone the foundations of our method, given the disruptive landscapes we are immersed in. Since then, we have kept reflecting on our practice as learning designers and facilitators of change. Find out more

In 2017 we founded Creative X Factory, and from day one, we have helped leaders and teams achieve their goals. Currently, we help teams build awareness about how they're currently working together, build a shared understanding of how to improve team dynamics, and then implement strategies to address the underlying issues to get unstuck and reach their full potential.

We help teams improve:

  • psychological safety and creativity

  • connection and belonging

  • cohesion and trust

  • clarity around goals, roles, and processes

  • communication and decision-making

  • execution, accountability and conflict management

We do this through:

  • Hogan Assessments: for individuals and teams 
  • Team Coaching and Facilitation (LEGODesign Thinking, Agile)
  • Design customized blended programs, team off-sites and team-building activities, gamification

We also help managers and leaders improve their confidence and capacity through:

  • Design custom leadership workshops and blended programs
  • Team Coaching
  • Executive Coaching

Grow with data

Just to give a sense of our data-driven positive take, here follows a four-step approach for our team and executive coaching:

  • DIAGNOSE: The Hogan Assessments (HPI, HDS, MPVI, 360) create a wealth of data and the potential for deep insight into whether a candidate is a good fit for an organization and the readiness for existing employees to take on more responsibility;

  • DIGEST: A Hogan-certified team and executive coach facilitates comprehending the bright side at work and the derailers that affect performance, clarifying drivers;

  • ​FOCUS: We use data in connection with job context, deliver feedback to assessment takers, apply results in talent decisions, individual executive coaching and team facilitation;

  • ACT: We implement effective, positive, sustainable bespoke change programs in continuously transforming environments. We are strategic in learning program design and development.

Coach for change

Just to nurture an appetite for great stuff, here follows a four-step approach for our bespoke change programs:

  • NURTURE: We engage teams with fun; use LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® bricks, colourful balls, story cubes, gaming cards, and positive energy while nurturing a psychologically safe space for growing;

  • UNBLOCK: We unearth limiting beliefs. Acknowledge them. Challenge them. Recognize the potentially damaging consequences. Help you adopt new beliefs and put them into practice;

  • ​CARE: For us, caring in life and at the workplace is a vital way to foster positive team dynamics and build trust between members and leaders;

  • IGNITE: We coach for individual and team accountability and ensure actions follow. We help you plan, revise regular progressions and celebrate change.

Design for innovation

We live and breathe Design Thinking in everything we do, and this is a four steps approach to learning design and innovation:

  • EMPATHISE: We help you stay in other people's shoes and connect with their feelings about their problems, circumstances, or situations. Identify the unearthed needs. Stay open;

  • CONNECT: Team culture always helps or hinders problem-solving. We force you to gather diverse people and investigate AI data sets. We help you connect dots looking forward AND looking backwards;

  • ​LEARN: Our motto is to fail early, fail often, but always fail forward. We encourage you to try things (and sometimes fail) and keep learning from them. Shorten learning circles, test, reiterate, and validate;

  • LISTEN: We use data, AI, and analytics to develop or foster new products, processes, organizational methods, and markets. With them, we drive the discovery and execution of innovation.

  • NEW - Discover Design Thinking 101 - Register to get the PSW

Off the shelf programs

We enjoy partnering with clients with bespoke programs for at least six months to achieve the best results. However, we do offer plug-and-play sessions for leaders and teams to get started:

  • CREATIVITY: LEGO® Serious Play, and Mobile Storytelling, StoryListening;

  • PSYCHOLOGICAL SAFETY: Active Listening, Feedback is a Gift;

  • ​LEADERSHIP: T-GROW for People Leaders; Conflict Management;

  • PROJECT MANAGEMENT: I Like Ike, RACI, Stakeholders Mapping;

Get in touch via email for a personalization and quotation @creativexfactory

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